Environmental management

In providing services and manufacturing products, every company inevitably interacts with and damages the environment. To systematically keep this damage to the environment as low as possible, that is environmental management!

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What does environmental management mean?

In providing services and manufacturing products, every company inevitably interacts with and damages the environment. To systematically minimize this damage to the environment, that is environmental management!
At the same time, ecology is one of the 3 pillars of sustainability and the topic of environmental management is in turn inseparable from it.

The identification and evaluation of the significant environmental aspects (environmental aspect = that part of the activities, products or services of an organization that has or can have an impact on the environment) forms an essential basis for an environmental management system.
The second essential source is the so-called legal and approval register, which bundles legal and official requirements for the company, derives obligations to act and systematically implements them in the form of measures.

In the area of environmental management, we speak of 2 essential standard bases:

  • ISO 14001: Especially for companies with a strong international orientation, as it is recognized worldwide. Ideal for companies with existing ISO 9001 certification, as it has an almost identical structure and can therefore be easily integrated.
  • EC Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) for more regionally oriented companies (within Europe), as recognized throughout Europe. Ideal for companies >250 employees, as energy and sustainability aspects are also implemented, which are legally required for larger companies.

Our services for you

We are happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal basis for you and offer the following services, among others:

  • Introduction / implementation of UM systems
  • Implementation of internal and external system audits and environmental audits
  • Identification & evaluation of significant environmental aspects
  • Preparation and maintenance of legal and permit registers
  • Execution of legal compliance audits
  • Documentation of UM systems
  • Support in the creation and maintenance of cadastres (hazardous substances, plant, equipment)
  • Reorganization & optimization
  • Support of certification audits
  • Execution of process analyses
  • Assumption of external representative functions

It is particularly worth mentioning that we have our own legal department with several lawyers in order to implement especially the sensitive compliance topics in a qualified and professional manner.



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