#03 Automotive Core Tools

#03 Automotive Core Tools

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Increasingly stringent quality requirements coupled with ever shorter development times and ever greater cost pressure are presenting the automotive supply industry with major challenges. To meet these challenges, a methodical approach is essential in all phases of the product development process.

To this end, the automotive industry has defined clear guidelines in the form of the AIAG reference manuals and the VDA volumes. Their implementation during product and process development is the basis for a robust production process according to SOP.

An overview of the individual Automotive Core Tools is given. They will be presented in terms of content, the temporal application in the product development process will be made clear and interrelationships will be conveyed. After this seminar, participants will be familiar with the individual Core Tools and will be able to use them efficiently in their own company. For a concrete implementation of the Core Tools, however, the in-depth seminars should be attended.

Target group
Employees from all production-related areas (QM / QA, production, production planning, development/design, project management, etc.). All persons interested in the application of the Automotive Core Tools.


  • Introduction to the basic concepts, goals and tasks of the different Core Tools
  • The use of the Core Tools in the different product development phases
  • Presentation of the Core Tools: APQP/VDA maturity assurance new parts (RGA).
    – Goals and benefits
    – Tools and methods for the individual phases
    – Interdisciplinary implementation within projects
    – Quality planning documents
  • FMEA
    – Goals and benefits of FMEA
    – The 5 essential steps
    (structural analysis, functional analysis, failure analysis, risk assessment, optimization)
    – The determination of risk priority number (RPN)
  • MSA / VDA 5 (measurement system analysis / test equipment capability)
    – Basics of the measuring system analysis
    – The measuring system analysis and its meaning in the context of the quality planning
    – Presentation of the different methods related to
    Measurement deviation / repeatability / comparability
    – Classification of test equipment and test systems according to intended use
    – Objectives and benefits of production part acceptance procedures
    – Overview PPAP
    – Overview VDA Volume 2
    – Requirements and submission stages
    – Documentation
  • SPC
    – Goals and benefits
    – Systematic and random process influences
    – Machine and process capability analysis
    – Characteristic values of position and dispersion
  • 8D method
    – Goals and benefits
    – Structure of an 8D report
    – Problem solving circle
    – Tools of root cause identification (Ishikawa/5W)
    – Differences between immediate, corrective, preventive actions

2.0 day works á 8 teaching units

No special prerequisites are required.

Scope of services
Comprehensive and appealing training materials
Certificate of attendance
Sufficient free space for exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer

In addition, we offer the following in-depth seminars, which we of course also offer in-house:

  • APQP / VDA 4.3
  • Product and process FMEA
  • MSA / VDA 5
  • PPAP / PPF
  • SPC
  • 8D method

The texts of the Core Tools can be obtained from the AIAG (www.aiag.org) or from the VDA (www.vda-qmc.de). They can be provided by us on request against payment.

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