#07 FMEA according to VDA / AIAG:2019

#07 FMEA according to VDA / AIAG:2019

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On 03.06.2019 the new harmonized FMEA (according to AIAG and VDA) has been published.

The FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) method is a cross-departmental risk analysis that accompanies development and planning in product and process development. It is used for the early detection and avoidance of potential defects and their causes.

FMEA is therefore an important methodological tool in the automotive supply industry. It supports team and project work primarily by consistently structuring the system’s failure modes. Now the existing standard has been modernized and also harmonized, so it now applies uniformly worldwide.

The participants will be familiarized with the method of the new FMEA. They apply the FMEA in the form of group work on neutral (in the case of open seminars) or company-specific products, assemblies and / or processes.

Target group
Employees from all production-related areas (QM / QA, production, production planning, development / design, project management, etc.). All persons interested in the application of FMEA’s.

  • Introduction & introduction to FMEA
    – Basics of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
    – Effort and benefit of FMEA
    – FMEA types, failure modes, analysis and evaluation
    – Procedure and definition of FMEA
  • Design – FMEA
    – Risk analysis Design-FMEA
    – The form of the Design-FMEA
    – The evaluation procedure for FMEA
    – Company-specific evaluation options
  • Process – FMEA
    – Interrelationships & differences Process – FMEA and Design – FMEA
    – Risk Analysis Process – FMEA
    – The form of the process – FMEA
    – Group work
  • Practical execution of a FMEA
    – Procedure & organization for the implementation of the FMEA
    – Preparation and execution of FMEA meetings
    – Examples of design and process FMEA
    – Risk assessment including FMEA results
    – Corrective actions

2.0 day works á 8 teaching units (UE)

No special prerequisites are required.

Scope of services

  • Comprehensive and appealing training materials
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Sufficient free space for exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer

In addition, we offer the following method seminars, which also belong to the topic complex and which we of course also offer in-house:

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