#10 Innovation management: discovering and implementing new business opportunities

#10 Innovation management: discovering and implementing new business opportunities

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The ability to develop and manage innovations is crucial for the survival and growth of companies in our time of rapid technological progress and permanently changing customer preferences. Without appropriate innovation capabilities, more and more companies will fail to meet the challenges of the market. Yet, in many companies, innovation activities often take place in an ad-hoc manner.
In this 2-day training, participants will learn a systematic approach to improve innovation capabilities in companies. Furthermore, numerous tools for the implementation of innovation projects will be presented, which the participants will apply in their own company context.

The participants will get an overview of innovation management. After an introduction to various concepts in the field of innovation, the focus will be on processes and tools that enable participants to immediately master important challenges in the management of innovations. These range from the development of an innovation strategy and methods of idea generation to the selection and market launch of promising product ideas.

Target group
This seminar is aimed at specialists, managers and employees who are involved in innovation projects, product development or product management, or who organize innovation management in the company.


During this 2-day training the participants will learn:

  • the most important terms and concepts of innovation management
  • models of how customers adopt innovations
  • how to formulate an innovation strategy and build an innovation portfolio
  • a process to develop and evaluate innovation projects from idea to market launch
  • reducing the risk of innovation projects through experimentation
  • the importance of corporate culture for innovation
  • ISO 56002, a standard for innovation management
  • numerous tools for managing innovations that can be implemented immediately

2.0 day works á 8 teaching units

No special prerequisites are required.

Scope of services

  • Comprehensive and appealing training materials
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Free space for exchange of experience and knowledge transfer
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