#13 Internal Auditor ISO 45001:2018

#13 Internal Auditor ISO 45001:2018

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Internal audits are important sources of information for assessing the systematic adequacy and effectiveness of occupational health and safety management systems.
Above all, internal audits serve to check own structural and procedural organizational specifications for compliance and effectiveness and to identify potential for improvement. This seminar focuses on the practical and effective implementation of internal audits based on ISO 45001 as well as on the correct and constructive handling of audited employees.

Participants will deepen their knowledge of ISO 45001. Auditor expertise in the sense of ISO 19011 will be taught in detail, as will the planning, implementation and evaluation / follow-up of internal system audits. At the end of the seminar there is a written examination. If the participants pass, they will receive the certificate “Internal Auditor ISO 45001”.

Target group
This seminar is aimed at employees from all areas of the company who are involved in the planning, implementation and follow-up of internal audits in accordance with ISO 45001, as well as at all persons who would like to acquire an “Internal Auditor ISO 45001” qualification for other reasons.


  • Process-oriented and integrated (occupational health and safety) management systems
  • Contents and requirements of ISO 45001
  • Interpretation of standard requirements
  • Basics and objectives of audits
  • Qualification requirements for auditors
  • Interview techniques for auditors
  • Planning and execution of internal audits based on ISO 45001
  • Practice-oriented documentation of audits
  • Classification and formulation of audit findings
  • Deviations, potentials, measures and their follow-up
  • Group work
  • Final examination

2.0 day works á 8 teaching units

Basic knowledge of occupational health and safety management is required. This knowledge may also have been acquired through comparable training or work experience.

At the end of the last day there is a written examination. After successfully passing the exam, participants receive the certificate “Internal Auditor ISO 45001”, which certifies that they have the professional competence to plan, conduct and follow up internal system audits according to ISO 45001.

Scope of services

  • Comprehensive and appealing training material
  • Certificate “Internal Auditor ISO 45001
  • Scope for exchange of experience and knowledge transfer

The current version of ISO 45001 can be obtained from Beuth-Verlag (www.beuth.de). They can be provided by us on request for a fee.

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