#19 Customer specific requirements

#19 Customer specific requirements

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The saying “customer requirement beats standard requirement” is more relevant than ever. In the automotive industry in particular, there are additional requirements in the form of core tools on the one hand and many individual specifications from individual customers along the supply chain on the other.

And these not only apply to the company itself, but must also be taken into account and implemented in the rest of the supply chain.
In addition, there are certainly also own requirements for suppliers!

How do you pass on customer requirements and your own requirements to suppliers in the best possible way? Especially since they can affect the product just as much as the organization of the company itself. Product specifications such as drawings, packaging and shipping instructions, etc. as well as supplementary quality assurance agreements, supplier guidelines, quality manuals, etc. are good ways of passing on information and ultimately requirements.

After this seminar, the participants will be able to write specific requirements for their suppliers regarding the management system as well as the product in suitable documents and to communicate them to the supplier.

Target group
Employees and managers from all areas of the company, but especially those responsible for projects, QM staff, managers and purchasing staff.


  • Forms of providing information
  • Determination and documentation of (own) customer-specific requirements for suppliers
  • Control and updating of documents

1.0 day course á 8 teaching units

No special prerequisites are required.

Scope of services

  • Comprehensive and appealing training material
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Sufficient free space for exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer
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