#28 Practical workshop: Process auditor according to VDA 6.3:2023

#28 Practical workshop: Process auditor according to VDA 6.3:2023

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The process audit is part of the QM system of a company and serves to improve processes. Process audits are used in the automotive industry in particular. They provide important information for uncovering risks, weaknesses and potential for improvement in the processes and their interfaces along the value chain. In this context, VDA 6.3 has become the globally accepted standard for quality management in the automotive industry.

In this training, we provide you with the necessary auditor expertise for optimal implementation of a process audit. Using suitable tools, we will make you fit for planning, conducting and following up process audits both internally and in the supply chain.

Target group
Specialists and managers from all areas of the company who are involved in the planning, implementation and follow-up of internal / external process audits.

This further training on the topic of process auditor according to VDA 6.3:2016 includes:

  • QM systems, application and benefits of process audits
  • Methods in quality management (core tools)
  • Major changes in VDA 6.3 (including the elimination of the generic approach, changes in the calculation of the result)
  • Requirements for the audit process and audit method
  • Requirements for process auditors
  • Risk analysis using the Turtle method
  • Interview technique for auditors
  • Evaluation rules and evaluation, planning, execution and documentation of potential analyses
  • Application of the questionnaire (P1) Planning, execution and documentation of process audits
  • Customer requirements
    Resulting measures and effectiveness check
  • Documentation and audit conclusion
  • Group work on the topic (e.g. risk analysis using Turtle, execution and evaluation of audit findings)
  • Execution of a written audit


  • You will learn how to carry out internal and external process audits and potential analyses effectively and sustainably on the basis of the current VDA Volume 6.3.
  • You will train the interpretation of the audit criteria in groups in a very practical way and thus experience an added value compared to comparable trainings with only the transfer of knowledge.

3 days

Basic knowledge of quality management and the Automotive Core Tools is required. This knowledge may also have been acquired through training combined with professional experience. Auditor training (at least 3 days) is also a prerequisite for participation in this training.
Please bring a copy of VDA Volume 6.3 as a working basis and for personal notes.

For more information, please contact our partner RKWCampus.

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