#29 Practical workshop: ISMS according to TISAX®* – requirements and their implementation

#29 Practical workshop: ISMS according to TISAX®* – requirements and their implementation

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Cyberattacks are on the rise! Almost every week there is some headline that a company has been hacked. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because many hacker attacks remain hidden from the public.

In the automotive industry, the topic of “information security” has been defined by the TISAX®* label since 2017. In many cases, companies in the automotive supply industry are already contractually obligated to implement TISAX® through purchasing conditions and other “Customer Specific Requirements”. But which level is right for your company? How do you implement the requirements correctly and how do registration and certification work with this rule?

In the seminar, all essential requirements of TISAX® as well as sensible implementation options are taught. An implementation project will be outlined and supported with document templates.

Target group:
Future ISMS managers / CISOs in SMEs; managing directors, executives and employees of companies of all sizes and industries dealing with information security in the automotive industry.

This advanced training on VDA ISA and TISAX® includes:


  • Basics and motivation
  • Information security management system
  • Related standards and frameworks

Requirements VDA-ISA

  • Management system for information security according to VDA ISA and TISAX®.
  • The VDA ISA questionnaire
  • Maturity levels 0 to 5
  • Requirements levels
  • VDA ISA Controls
  • Requirement catalogs (information security, data protection, prototype protection)
  • Plan and perform self-assessments

You will learn the rules and regulations and the resulting tasks and activities in a comprehensible and practical manner
You will receive helpful tips in the workshop – supported by an outlined implementation project – to avoid mistakes and to ensure a good project.
You will train in groups very practically the implementation of the requirements of TISAX® and thus experience an added value compared to comparable trainings with only the pure transfer of knowledge.
You will be provided with sample documents (instructions, forms, checklists) for your own use to facilitate implementation in practice.

2 days

For further information please contact our partner RKWCampus.

*TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association.
msa-b GmbH and the ENX Association have no business relationship regarding the consulting services described above. The mention of the trademark TISAX® does not imply any statement by the trademark owner regarding the suitability of the services advertised here.

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